Thermowood shade: your beautiful shade

Wooden structures have become very popular due to their unique beauty, sense of nature, environmental friendliness, and modern design. In almost all modern buildings, you can see one or more wooden structures that have a positive effect on the interior or exterior design of the building. Thermowood shade is one of these wooden structures that are generally used to prevent sunlight in villas, balconies, and roof gardens. In this article, we introduce Thermowood shade and its benefits.

What is Thermowood?

Thermowood (also known as heat-modified wood, heat-treated wood, or thermowood) is a term used to describe wood products that have been heating treated to improve strength and durability. The process of exposing wood to extreme temperatures (around 200 degrees Celsius) is a completely natural process that removes all moisture from the wood.

When wood is heat treated in this way, its resilience and improved structure make it an ideal material for a variety of construction and outdoor furniture projects. In this article, we examine what you can expect from this unique material.

Thermowood is formed when all the moisture in the wood evaporates. To do this, the wood is placed in a chamber and exposed to extreme heat for several hours. The temperature ranges from 185 to 212 degrees Celsius, heating the wood and then rapidly cooling it again.

All OH (hydroxyl) and H2O (water) are removed from the wood cells during this process. Hydroxyls typically draw free water cells into the wood, destabilizing it. Removing these groups makes for a much more stable and resilient product. In addition, not using resin also helps to leave a beautiful finish.

Why choose thermowood to make a shade?

This question has probably occurred to you among dozens of suitable materials for making shades, why should you go for Thermowood shade? In response, we must say that the unique characteristics of Thermowood make it an ideal option for building a shade. For example, Thermowood has a high resistance to sunlight (UV) and penetration of rain and snow. Also, unlike metal and cement shades, Thermowood shade is very easy to install. In the following, we will get to know the reasons for choosing Thermowood to make a shade.

Thermowood is highly durable

One of the most important advantages of Thermowood shade is its high durability. Unlike metal, thermowood does not corrode when exposed to moisture and oxygen. Also, sunlight will not have any negative effect on its appearance. Therefore, if you are looking for a durable shade, Thermowood shade is the best option for you.

Thermowood is modern, beautiful, and unique

The superior properties of heat-treated wood shade are another reason that makes heat-treated wood shade a unique option. Thermowood is known as a beautiful, modern, luxurious, and unique material. Therefore, by making a heat-treated wood shade, you can have a distinctive shade.

Easy installation

It doesn’t matter what kind of structure you want to build with Thermowood, from the facade of a building to a pergola or a shade. In any case, Thermowood installation is very easy and can be done with the simplest equipment such as drills, screws, and nails. Therefore, another important advantage of heat-treated wood shade is easy installation. It should also be noted that these awnings are light in weight and can be installed on sensitive parts of the building such as balconies or roof gardens. In the case of installing a metal shade, special attention should be paid to the load on the structure.

Affordable price

Some think that the price of Thermowood shade is high. But it must be said that this notion is completely wrong. In recent years, as thermowood has become more popular, the price of this material has also reached a suitable level. In fact, in many cases, the cost of building and installing a Thermowood shade will be equal to the cost of installing and building a metal shade. On the other hand, the life of heat-treated wood shade is several times that of metal shades and it is much easier to repair.

Uses of Thermowood shade

After getting acquainted with the advantages of heat-treated wood shade, it is time to deal with the uses of this luxurious and beautiful wooden structure. In general, Thermowood shade is mostly used in open spaces. Now you can install this luxury shade on your apartment’s balcony or in your villa’s yard. Although it is very common to install wooden shades on the sidewalks of outdoor commercial complexes, outdoor swimming pools, etc. In the following, we will learn about the most important applications of Thermowood shade.

Using Thermowood shade in villas

The open spaces of villas are a great option for installing Thermowood shade. You can install a luxurious and beautiful wooden shade in any part of your villa, such as the terrace, next to the pool, and even the car park. It should be noted that these shades can make your villa’s exterior very luxurious.

Balcony, roof garden, and yard

As mentioned, if you have an open space in your apartment or house, you can easily install a heat-treated wood shade in it. For example, in apartments, you can have a very beautiful roof garden by installing Thermowood shade on the roof. On the other hand, the courtyards of apartments are also suitable candidates for installing these shades.

Installation of Thermowood shade on the sidewalks

In recent years, the installation of Thermowood shade on sidewalks has also become very common. Sidewalks in gardens, open-air museums, parks, etc. can be made very beautiful by installing this luxury wooden shade. Also, by planting creeping plants next to these shades, you can have a very beautiful design.

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