Thermowood or stone: which material is suitable for the facade?

Various materials can be used for the design of the facade of the building, among which thermowood and stone are the most popular. The stone facade is very common, and it looks beautiful using some other elements such as metal profiles or large glasses. On the other hand, the thermowood facade is also considered a modern, beautiful, and unique facade that can be implemented in combination with brick, stone, or metal. In this article, we answer the essential question of thermowood or stone for the facade of the building.

Thermowood: a modern and moisture-resistant material

To answer the question of thermowood or stone for the facade of the building, we must be familiar with these two materials. Thermowood is a type of wood that is processed through a complex process. To make thermowood, the wood is subjected to high temperature and pressure to reduce its moisture content significantly. As a result of this process, wood becomes highly resistant to moisture penetration, decay, and sunlight. Thermowood facade has become a popular option in recent years. Because it has a unique, beautiful, and luxurious look, on the other hand, it is straightforward to install, and it has low weight.

stone: one of the most practical building materials

Stone is used in many parts of the structure as a building material. But in recent years, stone has been used more for building facades. The stone has high moisture resistance and looks classic and beautiful. However, a stone facade can have disadvantages such as difficult and expensive installation, complex repair, and increased weight.

For this reason, in recent years, the stone facade has given its place to other facades, including glass and thermowood. These materials are easier to install and appear much more modern. For example, in modern structures, using stone for facade construction is impossible because the stone is unrelated to the exterior design style of these buildings.

Thermowood or stone: Which one is better for the facade?

After getting acquainted with the stone facade and thermowood, it is time to answer an important question. Thermowood or stone, which is better for the facade of the building? In general, in modern architecture, the use of thermowood is much more common than the use of stone for the facade. Because modern facilities have a minimal exterior design, most of their shows are made of thermowood. In the following, we will learn the reasons for the superiority of thermowood over stone in constructing facades.

Thermowood is more resistant to moisture than stone.

Thermowood or stone both have a high moisture resistance. But in the long run, thermowood can withstand more rain, snow, and environmental humidity. In fact, after some time, the stone loses its resistance to moisture penetration. Also, the stone may crack in environments with cold weather. But Thermowood used in the facade can always maintain its quality in environments with cold weather. Therefore, if you are looking for a building facade with high moisture resistance, the Thermowood facade is an ideal and affordable option.

Thermowood is easier to install than stone.

Another reason thermowood is superior to stone in the facade of the building is its easier installation. To build a stone facade, you must go through a complex process that includes using glue or cement, installing scaffolding, making a foundation for the facade, etc. But installing the Thermowood facade is easy and can be done in just a few days. Also, you don’t need any other materials to make a thermowood facade, and all thermowood timbers are attached to the facade with screws.

The weight of the stone is more than thermowood

In calculating the weight of the building, the importance of all components should be taken into account. An increase in the weight of one of the components can lead to a decrease in the structure’s overall strength. One of the most important disadvantages of a stone facade is its high weight. But due to its low weight, the thermowood facade does not adversely affect the strength of the structure. For this reason, in buildings with a large area, it is suggested to use a thermowood facade instead of a stone facade.

Thermowood is more accessible to repair than stone.

The facade of the building must be repaired after some time of use because factors such as humidity, sunlight, and acid rain spoil the facade’s appearance. For this reason, the material should be used in the facade of the building that has high resistance against these factors and can be repaired with the least cost and complexity. It is complicated to restore the stone facade. Because the stones used in the facade must be replaced or polished. But to restore the facade of Thermowood, you have an easy task ahead of you. To restore Thermowood, applying a new layer of protective paint on the wood is enough.

Thermowood has a more modern look than stone.

Another essential advantage of thermowood over a stone in the facade of the building is its more beautiful and modern appearance. Despite its classic and beautiful appearance, the stone facade is not famous in modern architecture and is not used. But thermowood is one of the primary materials in this style of architecture, and many architects use this wood for facade design in their buildings.

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