The Use of Thermowood in the Swimming Pool

One of these spaces where thermowood is used is the swimming pool. This thermowood can be attractive and suitable for covering surfaces, walls, and floors in outdoor pools, indoor pools, dry saunas, locker rooms, etc. Thermowoods help to use the advantages of wood in a humid environment easily and not worry about damage, decay, or other wood problems. This article will teach us about the thermowood swimming pool and its features.

What Is Swimming Pool Thermowood?

Thermowood used in swimming pools is similar to other thermowoods. The reason for their popularity in spaces such as swimming pools is the general characteristics of this material. Any material with good resistance to humidity, heat, water, and pressure can be suitable for use in the swimming pool and its side spaces. Of course, adding the material’s beauty, practicality, and attractiveness to the equation is better.

These types of wood are very safe and highly resistant to external factors. In the past, cement floors were the only materials used to construct swimming pools. These floors had many disadvantages, including the rapid absorption of temperature in the hot and cold seasons of the year. The cement floor got hot quickly and froze in cold weather, so it wasn’t easy to walk on these floors.

Thermowood is one of the newest materials used in constructing outdoor and indoor swimming pools. The most important reason for the popularity of these woods compared to cement and ceramic floors is their unique beauty, high safety, and resistance against external factors.

What Are The Characteristics Of Thermowoods In A Swimming Pool?

Thermowoods are a kind of processed wood. They convey the same good feeling of wood to you. Wood is a part of nature and crystallizes the sense of warmth, vitality, and peace in human existence. Besides this, the thermowood for the swimming pool fulfills the exact features needed for such a space.

The vital point regarding using these woods is in hot water pools. Note that although these woods have high resistance, use thicker woods to build hot water pools. Among the features of thermowood for swimming pools, the following can be mentioned:

  • High resistance to moisture
  • Little water absorption
  • High resistance to heat
  • No change in shape and size
  • Can be used in a dry sauna
  • Cold and heat insulation
  • Long life and durability
  • Resistant to adverse weather conditions
  • Color stability and no color change over time
  • Ability to be used as flooring (due to the low absorption of cold and heat, walking barefoot on thermowood exposed to the cold of winter or the hot sun of summer, like stone and similar materials, is not annoying)
  • Ability to build suitable foundations and create a waterway

Advantages of Using Thermowood In Swimming Pool Design

Swimming Pools are one of the most important and attractive parts of villas and towers. The design of these spaces using thermowood doubles their beauty. Some of the benefits of thermowood are as follows:

High Resistance

Thermowood pool will not change its shape against different weather conditions. For this reason, you can buy thermowood and use it in your pool area. It should also be mentioned that by using special varnishes, you can increase the resistance of these woods.

High Color Variety

The variety of colors and models is another advantage of using thermowood in swimming pool decoration. It is produced in various colors, and you can choose the right color according to the taste and decoration of your house and villa.

If you use this material for outdoor pools, I want you to know that thermowood is exposed to direct sunlight and may eventually rot. Could you have the thermowoods painted for this type of pool with a unique color? Thermowood paints are made based on water or oil, which will be effective in beauty and protecting it from direct sunlight.

Lower Maintenance Cost

The maintenance cost of the thermowood swimming pool is low compared to other materials, and you will be comfortable with maintenance. To increase the durability and life of thermowood, it must be painted by the instructions of the purchased paint. On the other hand, thermowoods painted in the workshop are of higher quality than thermowoods that are painted on-site.

High Resistance Against Insects And Pests

Thermowood is produced through a unique process so that the materials in the wood that cause insect attacks and decay are removed from it. For this reason, swimming pool thermowood is resistant to insects. Also, it should be noted that there is no possibility of any fungus or mold in the swimming pool thermowood.

Dimensional Stability

During the production of thermowood, the moisture content of the wood is reduced to about 4-6%, which means that the absorption of moisture by the wood and the heat exchange of the wood with its surrounding environment will be deficient.

As a result, thermowood has constant dimensions, and the possibility of cracking is eliminated. The insulating property of thermowood timber makes it easy to use in wet places without worrying about damaging the body and skin or causing burns in different parts of the body.

Cleanliness And The Absence Of Chemicals Or Gum

One of the most critical issues is the cleanliness of the pool environment. Thermowood for swimming pools contains no chemicals or gum, and this wood’s brown color is entirely natural. Therefore, using this wood in the design of swimming pools will not harm human health.

Pars Aray Koohestan: Best Supplier of Thermowood For Swimming Pool

Thermowood is a beautiful and relaxing material that can be used in the design of any space to create a unique visual effect. One of the significant benefits of this wood is that it can be used in wet areas, including swimming pools.

Pars Aray Koohestan is one of the founders of the use of specialized wood in the construction industry in contemporary Iran. We at Pars Aray are ready to offer the best thermowood for your swimming pool space. Could you just contact our experts?