Choosing Thermowood is an excellent choice for a dry sauna!

The sauna’s durability and comfort are determined by the wood and other components that make it up. Compared to thermowood, shelves made of regular wood heat up much more quickly. Even when they are covered with a sheet or towel, sitting or lying on them can occasionally feel uncomfortable. Thermowood heats up much less than regular wood. This material maintains a comfortable temperature for people even at the highest heat setting, eliminates the risk of burning, and thus improves the steam room’s safety. This article will examine the applications of Thermowood in a dry sauna.

What is Thermowood?

Any wood product that has been heated to improve its stability and durability is referred to as thermowood (also known as thermally modified timber, heat-treated wood, or thermal wood). It is an entirely natural process that involves subjecting the wood to temperatures close to 200 degrees Celsius to completely dry it out. The resistance and improved structure of the wood after this heat treatment make it the perfect material for various construction and outdoor furniture projects.

One of the primary uses of Thermowood is to use this material to build a dry sauna. Because many features of Termwood make it a suitable material for building a dry sauna. For example, Thermowood has a high resistance to cracking, moisture, and heat. Suppose ordinary wood does not have such characteristics. Also, the beautiful and luxurious appearance of Termwood makes it a unique material for building a dry sauna.

Why use Thermowood in a dry sauna?

The type of wood and processing temperature has an impact on the thermowood’s color and texture. Heat-treated lumber of any species can have at least two different textures and shades. It provides countless options for your fantasy regarding the sauna’s interior design. Generally speaking, alternating bars of various colors can produce an extraordinary effect. In addition, heat-treated wood does not change color or texture when used in environments with high humidity and temperature.

It feels so good to sit on the perfectly smooth heat-treated wood shelves. Additionally, this material can function as a proper interior decoration when the texture is depicted clearly and is combined with a range of vivid, consistent colors.

Some of the essential advantages of using Thermowood in a dry sauna are:

  • environmentally friendly and doesn’t release harmful gases into the atmosphere
  • high durability and wear resistance
  • Compared to untreated wood, it is more resistant to rot and mold
  • Compared to a sauna made of spruce, a thermowood sauna will be less deformed by moisture and temperature extremes
  • It has excellent thermal insulating qualities
  • different hues and shades
  • Safe to use

Thermowood is an entirely hygienic material.

As mentioned, the process of making Thermowood is entirely natural, and no chemicals are used in making this material. On the other hand, during the process of making Termwood, all the moisture, microbes, and wood fungi are lost, and as a result, Termwood is very hygienic. Therefore, it is considered an ideal option for use in a dry sauna. Microbes and fungi have a high probability of growth in the environment of a dry sauna. Therefore it is essential to use a material that prevents the development of these pathogens.

High resistance to moisture

The humidity level in the dry sauna environment is very high; therefore, the material used in the construction of the sauna must have a high resistance to humidity. On the other hand, Termwood has very high moisture resistance and has become a suitable option for building a dry sauna. Nowadays, many dry saunas are made with Thermowood.

Excellent thermal conductivity

The thermal conductivity of the material used in constructing a dry sauna is essential. Because it should not absorb heat, people feel relaxed in the dry sauna. If the material used in the construction of the sauna needs proper thermal conductivity, it absorbs a lot of heat. It makes using the sauna uncomfortable for people. The thermal conductivity of Thermowood is very suitable. Because during the process of making wood, all its moisture is lost, and it has a low thermal conductivity rate.

Thermowood has high fire resistance in a dry sauna

The temperature of the dry sauna can rise to 40 degrees Celsius and even more. For this reason, using ordinary wood in a dry sauna can bring the risk of fire. On the other hand, Thermowood has a very high resistance to ignition; therefore, it is considered a suitable option for building a dry sauna.

Beautiful and luxurious appearance

One of the most important reasons for using Termwood in a dry sauna is its beautiful, luxurious, and unique appearance. Almost all luxury dry saunas of villas, hotels, and swimming pools are made using Thermowood. In addition to having a natural appearance, Thermowood gives a luxurious and modern look to the dry sauna.

High resistance to cracking and deformation

Wood can change shape and crack due to exposure to moisture. Therefore, if you want to build a dry sauna with wood, you should go for Thermowood. Termwood does not crack or deform under any circumstances and has high resistance against these two factors.

Pars Aray Koohestan is the best supplier of Termwood in Iran

If you are looking to build a dry sauna in your villa, apartment, hotel, swimming pool, etc., we suggest using Termwood. In addition to advantages such as resistance and long life, the use of Thermowood in constructing a dry sauna also has other benefits, such as a beautiful and luxurious appearance.

Pars Aray Koohestan is one of the largest suppliers of thermowood in Iran and has a long history of building wooden structures such as dry saunas with thermowood. No matter where you are in Iran, you can buy the thermowood you need from our company. It should be noted that Pars Aray Kuhestan exports its thermowoods to many other countries. To buy Termwood, you can contact our experts.