Thermowood for Facades

Thermowood is an excellent material for use in the construction of facades due to its exceptional dimensional stability, resistance to the effects of the weather, durability, and appealing appearance. Even in the most demanding environment, Thermowood does not always need surface treatment, making it a sustainable alternative for all stages of its life. Considering that Thermowood is a renewable resource, this is particularly true. If not treated, surfaces exposed to UV radiation deteriorate to a striking silvery gray. The appealing brown color of claddings and battens may be maintained by applying a UV-resistant pigment to the wood’s surface. This color is uniform and attractive throughout. There are so many applications of Thermowood for facades that will be explained here.

Characteristics of Thermowood for Facades Applications

A kind of thermo-treated wood called Thermowood is produced using all-natural techniques like heat and steam. The heat treatment improves the wood’s properties, allowing for a far more extensive range of applications Thermowood for facades is one of them. Thermowood is produced from the highest-quality, sustainably sourced pine or spruce and is treated without any possibly harmful chemicals. It is designed to age nicely and provide exceptional performance in any environment. This process turns raw wood into one of the most eye-catching natural materials for exterior applications. Here are some characteristics that make Thermowood for facades a better choice.

  • The effectiveness of Thermowood has been shown again and again, even in the most challenging conditions, and it is unaffected by changes in relative humidity
  • Thermowood is superior to untreated wood in terms of maintaining its original form and exhibiting significantly increased dimensional stability
  • Thermowood doesn’t need any surface treatment, regardless of the weather. It takes on a stunning silver patina if it is not treated in any way and is allowed to weather naturally
  • A pleasure for all of the senses, the texture, look, and aroma are all refined while yet maintaining their original qualities
  • Adding Thermowood to aesthetic surfaces has the dual effect of enhancing comfort and well-being. Wood unquestionably has a variety of positive effects on people, both physiologically and psychologically
  • This wood is 100% natural and has no artificial ingredients. Even at the most incredible temperatures, there are no toxic emissions into the interior air or leaking of resin

Why You Should Consider Using Thermowood for Facades

A façade made of Thermowood is one of the many different types of applications for Thermowood. Thermowood for facades may assist in keeping a constant temperature within a structure by acting as a barrier against external factors, including cold, heat, and humidity. In addition to improving the building’s look and attracting attention, Thermowood for facades doesn’t need any maintenance.

Stone, metal, brick, or other comparable materials cannot provide the uniqueness and feeling of antiquity that timber facades can. The warmth and comfort that wooden products offer – especially Thermowood for facades – is a beauty that is hard to ignore. In European countries, using Thermowood for facades is common.

Thermowood has qualities that make it the best choice for both exterior and interior designs. Due to this, Thermowood-based wooden facades have a longer shelf life and maintain their shape in addition to appearing beautiful, consistent, and having an excellent purity of color. They also have stable dimensions and low moisture content.

Thermowood for Facades Is Resistant to Rot and Insect Attack

The characteristics of thermally treated wood make it appropriate for use in several settings. We can undoubtedly claim that this product has extraordinary biological endurance due to this. Because the hemicelluloses in high-quality Thermowood are broken down and degraded throughout the production process, these goods won’t be a source of nutrition for insects and fungi that cause wood rot.

Thermowood Is Recyclable

It’s crucial to remember that no chemicals are used at any point in the production of Thermowood. All that’s required is the application of high heat and the vaporization of water. As a result, the completed product may be returned to nature even after its useful life has passed. Due to the increasing levels of environmental pollution, recycling capacity is one of Thermowood’s most significant and essential trademarks in the current day.

How Can You Be Sure You Have The Best Quality Thermowood for Facades

A few guiding principles may be utilized to distinguish high-quality Thermowood for facades from its inferior counterpart.

  • You should first ask shops whether they have a valid certificate. This certificate offers thorough details, including heat and temperature data, on the Thermowood production process
  • Remember that the wood veins must be pretty close to one another. You are further from the heartwood the farther apart these veins are from one another. The Thermowood that has been extracted from the heartwood is of a significantly higher quality
  • These woods should have a polished, smooth surface that is devoid of seams, cracks, and any dark stains
  • Thermowood for facades has a dark brown color due to the very high temperatures to which it is subjected
  • If you want to buy Thermowood for facades, it is advisable to collect samples of it from many reputable companies, compare those samples to one another, and speak with experts in the field
  • The recommended range for Thermowood thickness is 18 to 21 millimeters

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