17th international exhibition of construction industry
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8/22/2017 11:06:00 AM

17th international exhibition of construction industry

Attending Parsaray Koohestan in 17th International Exhibition of Construction Industry is investigated in this article.

17th International Building Industry Exhibition Industry was held in August, 2017 by participating major manufacturers and suppliers in Tehran. Parsaray Koohestan took part successfully in this exhibition like previous years.

Parsaray Koohestan has developed the construction industry by offering specialized wood with the aim of growing the quality of building and construction as well as beautification the urban space.

Parsaray Koohestan’s products include cladding, parquet, decking, canopies, pergolas, wooden structures and urban furniture with the reliable brands from all around the world.

Considering to the feedback of this year’s exhibition, managing director of Parsaray Koohestan, Mr. Alireza Fakhfouri, says: “We have tried to show our booth every year by engineered structures but this year with the different design we presented our booth in more artistic and decorative way. This new artistic style for booth had acceptable feedback, and many people visited our show room. The booth was designed in a way that many people were persuaded to visit our show room and see all of our products.”

Parsaray Koohestan’s sales manager, Mr. Saleh Fakhfouri, added:” 17th International Building Industry Exhibition, approximately 5000 to 6000 visitors came to see our booth. Accoya wood was presented in an extremely attractive aquarium which indicates its resistance to water. Parsaray Koohestan’s other products were shown in the booth such as the Thermowood for Thermory, parquets for Boen and Bauwerk company and etc.

More than 150 of our old customers visited our booth which included well-known architects and engineers such as Mr. Mohammadreza Nikbakht, Mr. Daneshmonfared, Mr. Kanan Pasebani, Mr. Badri ahmadi, Mr. Keivani, Mr. Kompani.

More than 13 personnel were presenting the customers during 4 days of exhibition. It was difficult to respond to all of them, due to overcrowding. 

Most of our customers declared that they are satisfied with our products and services and they are about to cooperate with our company more in the future.”

This exhibition like previous ones ended with gaining many valuable achievements which are resulted in success and prosperity.