Parsaray Koohestan’s unique display at Tehran’s 18th Int’l Building  Construction Exhibition 6th to 9th August 2018
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12/2/2019 6:17:00 PM

Parsaray Koohestan’s unique display at Tehran’s 18th Int’l Building Construction Exhibition 6th to 9th August 2018

Parsaray Koohestan took part in 17th International Exhibition of Building Industry like previous years. Presenting unique products and having perfect managing resulted in receiving award from one of governmental organization named Cooperative Room.

The 18th fair effectively hosted Architects, Architectural firms, Construction companies, Contractors, Developers, suppliers and general public which was held for four days between 6th to 9th August hosting large participants. The main purpose of the exhibition is to organize and exhibit booths and to provide suitable platform and context to introduce current range of corporate products to respected engineers.

This year's Parsaray’s Pavilion had undergone major modifications in displaying our urban furniture product collection under brand name of “Ara”  in the interior and with an original creative idea at the exterior to much delight of the visitors of the exhibition.

Hereunder, we will read the views of Parsaray Koohestan’s  Advertising Director Mr. Gilova regarding this year's exhibition:

Mr. Gilova, the Publicity Director elaborated:  "We did our best to present an innovative and unique booth in this exhibition. We spent a lot of time decorating it before the exhibition began.  The schematic layout was taken from an old radio broadcasting in the booth space.”  The Radio announcer informed about Parsaray’s exceptional business record as well as its accomplishments in the industry as it also conversed with the Directors.   Booth’s aesthetic presentation was inspired by contemporary innovative marketing designs that created a new vision and encouraged other competitors to be more inventive in their booth’s design.   Our showroom was designated as the top booth in the exhibition by the Organizers.  Lastly, we are thankful to the efforts by all of our architecture, engineering and implementation departments who worked diligently to build the booth as well as our Director who personally supervised the construction of the booth. “

We look forward to continually participating in various exhibitions with a more vibrant presence while presenting contemporary new products and play a major role in flourishing of various construction exhibitions.