Brenestol OU is an Estonian specialist manufacturer of thermally modified solid wood flooring, decking, cladding and sauna products. The main wood species is Ash due to the unique and special properties the timber forms after thermal modification. Other species such as Pine, pecan, hickory and birch are also used. Brenestol established in 1997. It has become one of the superior and pioneer thermally modified hardwood producers in the world, offering a wide range of products for both interior and exterior use. Thermal modification is a process that is controlled by computer which is accomplished in specialized Finnish kiln at high temperature. Steam and heat are used in thermal modification with no chemical material. THERMORY® products range includes two modification levels: Medium and Intense. Medium- modified timber is used for indoor use, making it suitable for flooring and wall paneling. Due to the medium thermal modification, wood color varies from light to medium brown. The intense-modified wood appropriate for indoor and outdoor use such as decking and cladding. Because of high dimensional stability and durability, thermally modified wood can be used in wet area as well as on radiant heated floors and concrete. Due to thermal modification the lifespan of the wood will significantly increase. According to wood species, the color varies from medium to luxurious dark brown. With continues product development, Brenestol will offer new wood solutions to contribute the properties of durability, quality and being environmentally friendly. THERMORY® products are free of any chemical material and harmless to use. All products do not originate from endangered rainforest.


Raw material of thermally modified

Three thousand five hundred cubic meters of raw material is processing monthly by Brenestol. THERMORY® products are only made from high-grade raw materials, because thermal modification emphasizes quality defects in timber. Ash comes from well-maintained forests in North-America where good growing condition and strict drying standards ensure superior quality. Raw material of Thermo-spruce originates from northern Russia and central Finland that due to slow growth, the knots is less and the density is high.


THERMORY® products have high quality, which is achieved by high-grade raw materials, modern technology, well-trained staff and systematic quality control.

Constant positive feedback and long term co-operation from leading wood retailers in Brenstol’s main markets of Germany, Austria, Norway, Switzerland, Japan and Italy is an acknowledgement of THERMORY® quality standards.

Research and Development

Innovation and development of continuous products have a significant role in Thermory product range. Various species have been tested to find the most suitable ones for the thermal modification.

Increasing the selection of pre-fabricated products which are quick and easy to install is product development. Because of their functionality, wall elements and QUICK DECK® terrace modules have achieved popularity.

Here are some Thermory’s features:


  • Thermal modification uses heat and steam with no chemical material
  • Using industry’s top thermal modification kilns
  • Computer controlled process
  • Two modification levels which includes medium(peak and high temperature is 190 °c) and intense ( peak and high temperature is 215°c)


  • Less probable to twist, bow, warp or shrink
  • High dimensional stability
  • Lower moisture content


  • Having highest durability of natural wood
  • Thermory Ash has Durability Class 1
  • Thermory Pine has Durability Class 2


  • Having more than fifteen years of experience
  • Having constant research and product development
  • Having thermo- specialist
  • Having projects in more than fifty countries


  • Having no chemical material in thermal modification process
  • Sourced from well – managed American and European forests
  • Not having plastics
  • Not having toxic waste

Product collection

  • For exterior use : Decking , Cladding
  • For Interior use : Flooring, paneling, Sauna
  • New products in 2017 are Shingles

Color and Beauty

  • Thermory Ash has rich brown color
  • Thermory Pine is lighter and golden color
  • Naturally ages to a platinum grey
  • Preserve the original tone with UV protectant oil
  • Variations in color