Bauwerk has been manufacturing parquet for demands with great care, precision and passion since 1935. Switzerland is full of wonderful customs, colorful life style and rich in traditions. By combining these roots with Swiss quality awareness and new ideas, we create different kind of parquet for people who enjoy designing their houses.

Ernst Göhner founded Bauwerk Parkett AG. In 1936 developed the process for manufacturing wooden body for cars. The first mosaic parquet was developed in the same year.

We manufacture high quality parquet through absolute precision and constant attention to detail. Due to this quality a quick and precise installation would be done.

There are many employees who work in Bauwerk. We speak a lot of different languages, come from different backgrounds and have different interests. The thing that joins us together is our interest and love for the wood. People with a common purpose in life :

Peter Zellweger
Manager Production St. Margrethen at Bauwerk since 1989

"All things we have reached over the past 25 years in the world of parquet flooring are really huge. Although the technology has been developed excessively, working by hand is extremely important. After handling wood for so many years this is the reason why I enjoy from my work. The feel and smell of the wood, and at the end seeing what wonderful products it can make, attracts me every day without fail."

Delveta Zeric
Sorter at Bauwerk since 1993

“I touch wood every day and I am responsible for the Bauwerk Parket's products and really it means a lot to me. I really enjoy working with this natural raw material and I like imagining how at some point in time, little children will be playing and racing their toy cars over this flooring. I have been working as a Sorter at Bauwerk for over 20 years, and during this time a million profiles have been passed under my hands, but I am pretty sure that none of them is the same as another. Every floorboard has its own unique and distinctive beauty. This  is the thing that makes my job thrilling every day.”

Christoph Schneider
Manager Quality Assurance Bauwerk Boen Switzerland at Bauwerk since 2001

"I can really say that Bauwerk's products are already among the healthiest on the world market. Wood and nature are very important to me I say it as a trained carpenter. It is my personal duty to fashion healthy and sustainable wood for the house of our customers and to guarantee the naturalness of our products. I say these words not just as Bauwerk’s employee, but also as the socio-ecologically aware father of four children."


Regarding to "Healthy Living", Bauwerk makes an important contribution to a better quality of life. Since we deliberately use materials that promote healthy living contributes significantly to one's personal well-being indoors.

Bauwerk offers a unique guarantee: With its Sentinel-Haus certification and its distinction of Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Gold.
Homeowners have the assurance that no harmful compounds have been unknowingly incorporated or concealed in the entire Bauwerk range. It means that no toxic substances will be discharged into the atmosphere – for a pleasant, healthy living environment even according to MINERGIE–ECO® standards.

Generally, we spend 80 to 90 percent of our life closed area and indoors and we breathe in ten to twenty cubic meters of air there. The building covering used today is practically airtight; therefore it makes perfect sense when it comes to energy-saving issues. The exchange of air within the building is much minimized that pollutants from the most varied of sources can accumulate in a room. Certified building components are the prerequisite for having healthier home. Bauwerk already started constantly testing and reviewing its products together with the Sentinel Haus Institute back in 2010.

Is parquet healthy?

Although wood is a natural, renewable resource, other substances such as adhesives, lacquers and oils are also used. This is the reason that materials from Bauwerk are regularly tested and reviewed with independent institutes from different countries. This is the only way that we can guarantee that Bauwerk parquet does not contain any worrying substances.

Innovative noise reduction

Our hearing recognizes intrusive sounds or quickly changing sounds as noise. When we bond the parquet, the sound made by walking can be considerably reduced. Bauwerk has developed Silent technology and an innovative system solution that reduces ambient and impact sound even more, which is a big issue for renovations.

Measurable but Invisible

A high standard of health indoors can be technically planned and it is measurable. Bauwerk parquet is pollutant- free ambient air and pleasant acoustic as well as parquet flooring impresses with its other strengths. Parquet floors feel warm on cold feet and still remain pleasantly cool on hot summer days.


The quality of Bauwerk supports the highest standards and is based on the four principles of Development, Production, Services and Installation. By using this system, we assure top quality at every stage of the production process and in other steps.

Regarding to production quality Bauwerk combines the specialty of its experienced employees with technology.

People and technology

Our company guarantees its products by mixing knowledge and latest technology. Even state-of-the art production facilities cannot replace the hands-on and visual inspections by experienced staff.

Inspiration and advice

The individual advice provided by our parquet and interior design specialists is an important element of the Bauwerk quality. At Bauwerk worlds of Parquet, in Austria and Germany and Switzerland, customers have the opportunity to experience every aspect of parquet. 

Innovation as a claim

Quality means continuous improvement for us. Since 1950s, the company began to provide research on wood technology.

Selected installers

We can receive the best quality throughout installation. This is the reason that Bauwerk cooperates with selected installers and also offers these partners professional education and training at the Bauwerk Parkett Academy (BPA) in St. Margrethen.

Bauwerk guarantees comprehensive quality in all of its products. That is why we observe with the highest standards.

As the leading European parquet manufacturers, Bauwerk offers an innovative range that stands for healthy living and the conscious design of the personal living environment.