Parsaray Koohestan is Accoya’s exclusive representative

Parsaray Koohestan Company has been constantly trying to choose the innovatine products among the most reliable companies around the world, through recognition the demands of the society and the latest results in the field of specialized timber in construction industry, and with the major imports of such products could fulfill the growing demand of internal market in Iran. Throughout 11 years activities in the field of specialized timber, Parsaray Koohestan exclusively represents prominent supplier and major brands from Europe and elsewhere. Due to this credit, the customers’ trust will increase. Therefore, customers are relief to purchase the high quality products.

One of the latest products that Parsaray got the exclusive representative is Accoya® wood. Accoya® wood is the result of more than 80 years research and development that represents major changes in wood technology and construction industry. We try to acquaint you with Accoya® wood very briefly in below.

Timber as a natural material has always been a suitable and appropriate option in human life. Timber is exposed to the threatening of pests, fungi and changing climate, and human tried to find a way to resist wide variety of wood-damaging factors. As you know there are many various methods to modify timber and improve the durability, sustainability, stability and resistance against pests and fungi. All mentioned items have the efficient and effective role in developing timber quality in today’s world.  

What is Acetylation?

One of the innovative methods of modifying wood is Acetylation of softwood. In simple word, acetylation achieves a similar modification, but instead of polymerizing compound in the wood, acetic anhydride is added to softwood where it reacts with hydroxyl groups in the wood (which absorb and release water), changing them into acetyl groups. Acetylated wood cannot take in or release water; therefore the shrinking and swelling is reduced in them. Acetylated wood has a greatly improved durability and stability. Accoya wood has dimensional stability, durability and paint retention. Accoya as the high performance wood is created for outdoors applications such as decking, cladding, windows, doors, bridges and boats. It is sourced from sustained forest and manufactured using Accsys’ patented modification process. Accoya wood outperforms other building materials and is less harmful to the environment. It is uses less energy compared with cement, steel, glass and aluminum when utilized as a building material.

Carbon footprint assessment

The studies show that in terms of annual carbon footprint, Accoya® wood carries out significantly better than metals (steel, aluminum), plastics (PVC), concrete and unsustainably sourced timber.

It emits less greenhouse gas during its production than other competing material such as PVC, aluminum and unsustainable sourced tropical hardwoods.

Superior whole life cost

Accoya® wood ensures lower maintenance costs and longer time between maintenance. It won’t need replacing for more than 50 years. The acetylated wood displayed no sign of decay, rot and fungi damage.


Some tests have been done for durability, stability and strength of Accoya.  Accoya is much better than radiata pine in quickening decay chambers. The result showed that acetylated radiata pine has a very low weight loss percentage for both brown rot and white rot fungi against such kinds of decay. Some tests have run for six years and reveal that Accoya performing is better than teak, merbau, cypress, cedar and some treated timbers; therefore Accoya has the highest possible durability classification.


Accoya wood is better than other timbers in coating performance and excellent coating adhesion in wet and dry situation. Although Accoya® wood’s excellent compatibility, we highly recommend having the  coating manufacturer involved in the process as they  have  in-depth knowledge of their products, suitable application techniques and how to determine the performance of the  finished  product.  

Pay attention that coating formulations vary per manufacturer (and possibly by region) and processes vary depending on the application equipment used and the end- product design.

Dimensional stability

Accoya® wood has superior stability and utilized for cladding boards in 200 mm rather than standard profile of 150 mm for external applications. This increased width specification board shows flexibility and superior performance when we compare it with other timbers. Accoya wood is much better than wide range of timbers such as teak, selangan, cypress and western red cedar. Accoya is so dimensionally stable and also shrinking and swelling is reduced in acetylated wood. Therefore, it is suitable for external application such as windows, doors, cladding, decking and large structures. In addition to improving the durability and dimensional stability of abundantly available certified wood species, Accoya wood has environmental advantages in comparing with scarce slow growing hardwoods, woods treated with toxic chemicals and non- renewable carbon-intensive materials such as plastics, steel and concrete.

Flame spread

According to flame spread classification, timbers are classified to class A, class B and class C. Accoya® wood can be classified within the range of standard timber species and achieves Class C.

Accoya advantages

Accoya wood has many outstanding advantages including excellent machinability, durability, insect barrier, UV resistant, naturally insulating, naturally beautiful wood and non toxic &recyclable. Testing revealed that hardening that happens due to Accoya® process results in superior resistance to indentation than other timbers. This property is useful when making specification choices for cladding and ground floor. Accoya® is manufactured in dry condition (wood moisture content<5% on average). Therefore, Accoya® can be utilized in exterior and interior applications.


- Remember that Accoya® wood should be clean, dry (below 8% mc) and free of dust and grease.

- Finish the wooden parts on all sides before mounting or assembling them where possible.

- In using a primer, a high quality product that contains resin-bleed blockers and fungicides is recommended.

- Accoya® can absorb a high amount of water through the end grain – those should be effectively sealed.

- Because of its superior dimensional stability, the integrity of most coatings will last longer when applied to Accoya® compared to other woods. For outdoor application, coatings formulated use that include fungicides combined with an appropriate maintenance cycle in accordance with the manufacturer recommendations will also prolong their cosmetic appearance.


As you know all wood includes organic acids, although the amount changes by species .Due to organic acid, metal fasteners which are used in installing wood may be at risk of corrosion. Therefore, it is recommended that high quality stainless steel be utilized in areas which are exposed to moisture.